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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Del Arroyo provides a safe, supportive environment where you can focus on recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our mission at Del Arroyo is to lift you up. We want you to feel heard and understood because we know that when a person feels supported, true healing can begin.

Our dedicated addiction treatment team provides whole-person, evidence-based addiction care at our private Southern California treatment center in Agoura Hills.

We combine cutting-edge addiction medicine with proven therapies to help you build a wellness recovery action plan. We call it WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Plan—your foundation for success, and the key to relapse prevention.

Who We Treat

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Del Arroyo Recovery Center primarily treats adults ages 18-65. We understand the unique challenges adults face in sobriety. Our comprehensive residential recovery programs are designed to empower adults of all ages with tools and skills they need for long-term recovery.

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Our Approach

Del Arroyo doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. Our team of trained physicians, therapists, drug addiction specialists, and support staff works together to create specialized treatment programs that fit your needs and goals.

Our low patient-to-staff ratio allows us to create different types of treatment and provide you with the attention and care you deserve. But support doesn’t end when you leave our Agoura Hills rehab center.

We treat addiction with a comprehensive approach and prioritize ongoing care, because we know the really tough work begins when you get home. Our team will provide you with all the resources you need to build and maintain a community of support after treatment. Our support systems help recovering addicts stay sober.

Our Programs

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Detox is a critical first step in the recovery process—especially if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using drugs or alcohol. Detox treatment can feel scary, but you’re in good hands at Del Arroyo.

Our trained medical staff will be by your side throughout the detox process. We will monitor you around the clock and provide medications as needed to ease your withdrawal symptoms. You can feel confident knowing we will do everything possible to keep you safe and comfortable during detox.

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Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program is designed to arm you with the skills and tools you’ll need for long-term recovery. During your time at our inpatient rehab in Agoura Hills, you’ll work one-on-one with a trained therapist and in groups to address issues that are likely contributing to your substance abuse.

Our licensed therapists and addiction specialists are trained to use a range of evidence-based behavioral therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and others. We will help you create a sustainable recovery program—one that helps you feel confident about navigating life at home without drugs or alcohol.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Substance abuse and mental health disorders frequently occur together. This is referred to as co-occurring disorders, or dual diagnosis. For addiction treatment to be truly effective, both should be treated at the same time. Our dual diagnosis treatment center is staffed by experienced medical professionals who are trained to manage multiple conditions.

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Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs are best for those who need a less intensive level of addiction  therapy. It’s a more flexible option that allows you to live at home and continue working or going to school while in treatment.

We have trusted local partners for outpatient treatment in Los Angeles. Contact us to learn about our outpatient programs and to find out if outpatient treatment is right for you.   

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment is the use of FDA-approved medications in combination with counseling to treat addiction and substance use disorders. Medications block the effects of drugs in the brain, while clinical therapy helps you learn the tools and skills you need to manage cravings and live well without substances. MAT may be covered by some insurance plans.

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Aftercare & Alumni Program

Research shows that being part of a community that understands your struggles and supports your recovery greatly improves the chances of staying sober. It’s why we prioritize ongoing care at Del Arroyo.

Our aftercare program provides ongoing behavioral health support, mental health programs, substance monitoring and medication management, and long-term support through major life transitions.

Our alumni program gives you access to a network of peers in recovery, as well as support group schedules, webinars, a robust library of resources, and more.

Restorative Activities & Experiential Therapies

Activities like yoga, meditation, and nature walks can be healing and restorative. We encourage clients in our program to choose activities that align with their interests, values, and psychological needs.

Experiential therapy, also known as trauma therapy, are types of therapies with hands-on activities designed to help people process and cope with past trauma. Examples include art therapy and wilderness therapy.

Experiential therapies can be especially helpful for people who struggle to fully access their feelings and emotions during talk therapy sessions. Ask our team about which experiential therapies may be helpful for you.

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Ready to take the first step?

Del Arroyo Recovery Center is ready to help you take that vital first step toward long-term recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs and for a tour of our residential rehab in Agoura Hills. Our six-bed residential treatment center features luxury amenities in a home-like atmosphere where you can focus on healing. Sign up for our drug and alcohol rehab today.