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Family Programs

All too often, relationships with family members are casualties of substance abuse. Even families that were once extremely close can be torn apart by addiction, causing pain and grief to everyone in the family unit. At Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Agoura Hills, we’re dedicated to providing support for families in distress.

Rebuilding relationships with family members is an important part of recovery for both the family and the individual. We provide integrated, holistic family therapy care for everyone involved.

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The Importance of Family Involvement in Treatment for Addiction

A substance use disorder or mental health condition isn’t just an individual problem—it’s a family issue. In fact, family dynamics often play a large role in a person’s motivation, resources, and overall ability to succeed in addiction treatment. Family support can take different forms, from paying for rehab to simply providing love and encouragement. All of these things can reduce stress and make the process easier.

Likewise, family members of addicted individuals often need support for themselves. At our Southern California treatment center, we provide a supportive environment and behavioral therapies for both sides of the issue, helping families understand their role and express how they feel. This two-way family therapy conversation is important to sustaining long-term sobriety, mental health, and good family relationships.

How Our Los Angeles Treatment Services Bring Families Together

At Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Agoura Hills, CA, we understand that addiction impacts the whole family. Our team of dedicated family therapy experts are committed to creating an empathetic family program environment where clients and their loved ones can improve communication and rebuild fulfilling relationships. Armed with these skills, clients are more likely to succeed in treatment, make better decisions and practice healthy habits in the future.

Family counseling programs bring everyone onto the same page, encouraging effective communication and healing damaged relationships through learned skills and compassionate understanding.

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Bipolar disorder and addiction

Our Agoura Hills Family Program Services

Services offered by our Southern California family program include:

  • Family therapy sessions: Professionally led sessions where the client and their family can explore substance use and mental health issues together, as well as learn new coping mechanisms
  • Educational workshops: Sessions that teach family members about addiction and how they can support their loved one as they work through their treatment plan
  • Support groups: Meetings attended by the family of addicts, in which family members can discuss the unique challenges and feelings related to their loved one’s addiction and/or mental health disorders
  • Communication skills training: Educational sessions centered around effective communication skills (especially family communication)

Overcome Addiction and Mental Illness at Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Southern California

Addiction and co-occurring disorders can be challenging for families to navigate. At our Agoura Hills rehab, we offer therapy sessions for family members, teaching them how to cope with stress, set boundaries, and offer appropriate support. For those seeking reconciliation with a loved one, the skills taught in family therapy are invaluable. Contact us today to learn more about our detox services, inpatient treatment, and family program.

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We help your family recover from your addiction, too.

Substance use and mental health disorders can hurt your loved ones. Call today and learn how we provide addicts with the life skills they need to recover and how their family can help them on their journey of sobriety.