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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Ojai, CA

Del Arroyo Recovery Center is honored to extend its expert drug and alcohol treatment programs to the residents of Ojai, CA. Our substance abuse treatment facility is located in Agoura Hills, less than an hour’s drive from the picturesque town of Ojai. Ojai is known for its artistic vibe and natural beauty, and Ventura County residents can expect the same kind of tranquil atmosphere at our addiction treatment center.

Convenient Addiction Treatment in Ventura County

Being located near Ojai, CA means residents can receive top-tier addiction treatment while staying connected with their community and natural environment, which is integral to their recovery journey. This allows for a balanced approach to addiction rehabilitation, where clients can feel safe from substance use triggers yet close enough to home to keep their personal ties strong.

Addiction Treatment in Ventura County
Substance Use Rehab for Ojai, CA Residents

Tailored Substance Use Rehab for Ojai, CA Residents

Our southern California substance abuse treatment center offers an extensive range of recovery services to people throughout Ventura County and the surrounding areas.

Initial Detox

Before starting a residential treatment program, clients go through a detox program. The detox process is designed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision, providing the necessary foundation for successful treatment. This initial step is critical for preparing clients for the journey ahead.

Residential Inpatient Treatment

In our inpatient treatment program, clients live at our drug and alcohol treatment center, receiving constant care and support. The immersive residential rehab environment is ideal for recovery, providing structure and stability during the treatment process.

Drug Abuse Recovery Program

Focusing on individual needs, our drug abuse treatment plans use a combination of therapeutic techniques and medical support to tackle various drug addictions. Clients work closely with therapists to develop coping strategies that sustain long-term recovery.

Alcoholism Rehab Program

Our alcohol addiction treatment program combines counseling with holistic therapies to address the physical and emotional aspects of alcoholism. The goal of our alcohol rehab is to help individuals build a solid foundation for sobriety through structured support and care.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Mental Health

Clients with co-occurring mental health disorders receive integrated treatment aimed at addressing both drug and alcohol addiction and the underlying mental health challenges. This approach promotes more comprehensive substance abuse recovery.

Residential inpatient treatment
Drug abuse recovery program

Addiction Treatment Modalities We Use at Our Ojai Area Facility

Our addiction specialists use a wide variety of individual therapy and group therapy strategies to meet the unique challenges faced by our clients.

Motivational Therapy and Interviewing

Motivational enhancement techniques are vital for building motivation and readiness for change, encouraging active participation in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is pivotal in helping clients understand and change negative behaviors and thought patterns, making it a fundamental part of the drug and alcohol recovery process. It is also commonly used in mental health condition treatment.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Clients gain skills in managing emotions and improving relationships through DBT. It is especially effective for those with intense emotional responses or dysregulation, with or without a co-occurring disorder.

Therapy for Various Trauma

For individuals whose substance abuse is intertwined with traumatic experiences, trauma therapy offers a path to healing these deep-rooted issues, facilitating a more focused and effective drug addiction recovery.

We’ll Support Your Success After Substance Abuse Treatment

Our Ojai adjacent substance abuse rehab is committed to the long-term success of our clients, even after completing drug or alcohol rehab.

Help for Avoiding Substance Abuse Relapse

We provide detailed strategies and education on managing triggers and avoiding risk factors for relapse. We also provide ongoing therapy sessions and other aftercare support to addiction rehab alumni.

Client-Driven Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAPs)

Each client creates a WRAP, a comprehensive plan that includes coping methods and strategies for stress management post-treatment.

Substance abuse treatment
Substance Abuse Recovery Journey in Southern California

Begin Your Substance Abuse Recovery Journey in Southern California

Residents of Ojai, CA in Ventura County can find compassionate and comprehensive care for substance abuse at Del Arroyo Recovery Center. Our facility offers a blend of evidence-based therapies, personal development, structured social support, and care from dedicated medical professionals. Reach out to us today to say goodbye to substance abuse for good.

It’s possible to stop using cocaine and crack with the right help.

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