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Individual Therapy

Addiction isn’t a self-contained disease. A person’s substance abuse affects everyone around them, from friends and family to classmates and coworkers. However, it all begins with the person at the heart of things. At Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Agoura Hills, CA, we’re committed to healing these individuals with comprehensive, compassionate treatment.

A lack of self-esteem can play a role in developing a substance use disorder, which in turn can worsen that esteem. This can make it even harder to find the motivation to change. Tailored individual therapy can help a person better understand themselves and their addiction, growing their desire to fight it.

Individual therapy

Individual Therapy Plays a Key Role in Addiction Treatment

Individual therapy is one of the most important parts of a person’s treatment plan because it is the starting point for all their actions and relationships. The old adage that “you can’t love others until you love yourself” rings true in addiction recovery, and it’s important to be able to stand on your own. Individual talk therapy gives people a safe space to explore their issues and build self-esteem with a non-judgmental therapist.

In therapy sessions, people learn to challenge negative thoughts, practice self-care, learn new coping strategies, identify feelings, and more. They’ll learn to better express empathy, handle intense emotions, ease anxiety, deal with potential triggers, and actively create a more positive future. Supportive counseling and individualized relapse prevention are the keystones of long-term recovery.

Our Therapeutic Approach

We take a humanistic therapy approach, which focuses not on people’s challenges but on their strengths and potential. Our therapists cultivate a safe, supportive environment where individuals can speak honestly and focus on self-improvement. We also use evidence-based methods to achieve the best results, including motivational enhancement to help people lean into addiction therapy.

We also place a strong focus on building effective communication skills, which are shown to help increase the chances of successful recovery. When recovering individuals can clearly and calmly communicate with others, it becomes easier to maintain relationships, make decisions and avoid old unhealthy habits.

addiction therapy
Agoura Hills therapy

Strategies We Use in Our Addiction Treatment Programs

We use a variety of clinically effective methods in our Los Angeles therapy programs, such as:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma processing
  • Individual talk therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Dual diagnosis care for co-occurring disorders (major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

Each of these strategies can promote health and self-improvement, but different people require different kinds of help. We select the right combination of behavioral therapies and techniques to help individuals heal from addiction and mental health conditions.

Change Your Life with Individual Therapy at Del Arroyo Recovery Center

At our Agoura Hills therapy facility, we help clients address their addiction and any co-existing conditions or mood disorders. Our professional individual therapy sessions help people form better self-awareness, build esteem, and practice self-care. It helps people improve all aspects of their lives, including their relationships, communication, stress management skills, and emotional intelligence.

If you or someone you care about are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, residential rehab and individual therapy at Del Arroyo Recovery Center can help.

Individual Therapy at Del Arroyo Recovery Center

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