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Holistic Addiction Treatment near Port Hueneme, CA

Del Arroyo Recovery Center is excited to offer its comprehensive drug and alcohol recovery services to the community of Port Hueneme, CA. Located in Agoura Hills, our facility is only about a 40-minute drive from Port Hueneme, making it a convenient option for residents seeking effective addiction treatment in a supportive environment. Port Hueneme is known for its unique coastal charm and relaxed lifestyle, and our nearby luxury facility provides that same comfort and calm for substance use rehab.

Substance Abuse Treatment Near You

The manageable distance from Ventura County to our addiction treatment center ensures that individuals from Port Hueneme, CA can receive top-notch treatment without being far from their support networks and familiar surroundings. This closeness helps them make drug or alcohol rehab a part of their daily lives, promoting a smoother transition and better long-term outcomes.

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Drug and alcohol recovery plans

Personalized Drug And Alcohol Recovery Plans

Our rehab near Port Hueneme provides programs that address every aspect of addiction recovery.

Alcohol Dependency Rehab

Our alcohol addiction treatment plans are comprehensive, involving personalized therapy sessions with alcoholism specialists to address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

Drug Addiction Rehab

We provide tailored drug abuse treatment programs for various drug dependencies, utilizing advanced therapeutic techniques to foster recovery and prevent relapse.

Medical Detox

Our facility has a medically supervised detox center. During the detox program, medical professionals help individuals safely and comfortably end their chemical dependency before residential treatment.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Co-Occurring Conditions

For Port Hueneme, CA residents facing both substance abuse and mental health disorders, our dual diagnosis treatments provide integrated care tailored to treat all aspects of the client’s addiction and mental health.

Residential Programs

Clients benefit from a fully immersive environment in our southern California inpatient treatment program, which provides continuous care and support throughout substance abuse treatment.

We do not offer outpatient programs, but we can help interested clients get in touch with other addiction treatment centers in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas.

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Personalized treatment programs

We Use a Variety of Therapies to Treat More Than Drug Abuse

Our personalized treatment programs near Port Hueneme, CA include diverse and effective therapies tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Clients benefit from group therapy, family therapy and much more at our Los Angeles area rehab.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Thought Reconditioning

Addiction specialists use CBT extensively in our programs to help clients identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to substance abuse disorders.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Skills Training

This therapy teaches clients skills for managing stress, regulating emotions, and improving interpersonal relationships, crucial for successful recovery.

Therapeutic Trauma Healing

We address underlying traumatic experiences that may contribute to addiction, helping clients heal and move forward in their recovery.

Motivational Techniques (Motivational Therapy & Motivational Interviewing)

These approaches are designed to enhance clients’ commitment to change and actively engage in their recovery process.

Long-Term Addiction Recovery Is Our Primary Goal

At Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Agoura Hills, southern California, our commitment to our clients extends beyond the initial treatment period.

Strategies for Preventing Relapse

We provide clients with aftercare through our alumni program and equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to manage triggers and maintain long-term success.

Personal Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAPs)

Each client develops a WRAP, a personal guide for managing their recovery and maintaining wellness post-treatment.

Long-Term Addiction Recovery
Professional Rehab Near Ventura County

Get Started with Professional Rehab Near Ventura County

Port Hueneme residents seeking effective and compassionate care for addiction are encouraged to contact Del Arroyo Recovery Center. Our approach combines clinical excellence, personalized treatment plans, and a supportive environment to help you or your loved one achieve and maintain sobriety. Reach out today to learn how we can assist you on your journey to recovery.

It’s possible to stop using cocaine and crack with the right help.

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