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Oxnard, CA Area Addiction Recovery

Del Arroyo Recovery Center welcomes individuals from Oxnard, CA to experience specialized drug and alcohol recovery services in a nearby setting. Located in Agoura Hills, approximately 35 minutes from Oxnard, our facility provides a retreat that is both peaceful and easily accessible. The empathetic staff and coastal southern California beauty create a supportive backdrop for Oxnard residents embarking on their recovery journey.

Ventura County Addiction Rehab Near You

This convenient location allows Oxnard residents to benefit from high-quality addiction treatment while remaining close to their Ventura County home. The closeness helps integrate the drug and alcohol recovery process into their everyday lives, fostering a balance between treatment and personal responsibilities.

Ventura County Addiction Rehab
Addiction treatment center near ventura

Substance Abuse Programs at Our Addiction Treatment Center Near Ventura, California

At our rehab in the Oxnard area, we offer a wide array of services to cover all aspects of addiction recovery.

Residential Treatment Programs

Clients participating in our southern California inpatient treatment programs receive round-the-clock care in a structured environment, crucial for those in the early stages of recovery.

Though we only offer inpatient treatment programs right now, we can connect those seeking outpatient treatment to one of our Ventura County area partners.

Medical Detox

Our alcohol and drug detox services provide a safe and controlled environment for managing withdrawal symptoms. Detox is overseen by our experienced medical staff to ensure the best possible start to inpatient drug rehab treatment.

Alcoholism Treatment Program

Our alcohol addiction treatment is designed to address all facets of alcohol addiction, incorporating both therapy and supportive measures to help individuals regain control over their lives.

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Drug addiction program

Our Evidence-Based Therapies

Drug Addiction Program

Tailored to the specific needs of each client, our drug rehab programs use evidence-based methods to help clients overcome addiction to all kinds of street and prescription drugs.

Mental Health Treatment (Dual Diagnosis)

We recognize the complexity of addiction and offer dual diagnosis treatment for those suffering from concurrent mental health issues, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

Therapies We Use at Our Ventura County Adjacent Drug Rehab

Our group therapy and individual therapy methods are designed to meet the diverse physical and mental health needs of our clients.

Motivation Enhancement Techniques

Methods like motivational therapy (MT) and motivational interviewing (MI) are effective in enhancing clients’ motivation and fostering a commitment to change, both of which are critical for long-term substance use recovery.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

This therapy is essential for teaching skills in stress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness, all vital for maintaining sobriety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is utilized to help individuals recognize and change negative thinking and behavior patterns, a key element in the treatment of substance abuse.

Trauma Therapy

Targeting a common root cause of substance misuse, our trauma therapy sessions help individuals heal from past traumas that may drive their drug or alcohol use.

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Inpatient rehab

At Our Inpatient Rehab, We Nurture Long-Term Sobriety

At our Ventura County area drug detox and treatment center, our commitment extends beyond immediate addiction rehabilitation, focusing on long-term success and well-being. This dedication to real, lasting change is part of what makes us stand out among Oxnard area treatment centers.

Relapse Awareness and Management

Graduates of our rehab in the Oxnard area come away with effective tools and strategies to manage triggers and avoid relapse, crucial for maintaining long-term recovery. They can also take advantage of aftercare resources like continuing support meetings, which are always accessible to Ventura County residents.

Preparing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Each client develops a personalized WRAP, which serves as a roadmap for managing challenges and maintaining wellness after they finish their drug rehabilitation program.

If You’re Ready for Change, Our Southern California Rehab Is Ready to Help

For Oxnard residents looking for effective addiction treatment, Del Arroyo Recovery Center offers a comprehensive approach that includes individualized treatment plans, therapeutic interventions, and lifelong support. Contact us today to speak to an admission counselor and start your substance abuse recovery in an empowering environment.

Drug detox and treatment

It’s possible to stop using cocaine and crack with the right help.

Don’t wait another day. Get in touch to learn more about our residential program and cocaine addiction treatment center in Southern California.