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Motivational Therapy (MT)

Motivation is what drives us to act. If we lack motivation, nothing changes. When someone is deeply entrenched in an addiction, their primary goal is substance use. Without significant motivation, they may see no reason to change what they’re doing. This can make them resistant to loved ones’ urges to seek treatment, and it can make addiction treatment difficult even after they enter a program.

At our substance abuse treatment facility in Agoura Hills, CA, our dedicated team provides the kind of comfortable, compassionate psychotherapy experience that helps build motivation to start anew in recovery. This includes using techniques known as motivational interviewing and motivational enhancement.

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How Motivational Therapy Works

A person’s motivation isn’t always at a consistent level. Our motivation waxes and wanes, and a variety of internal and external factors—like personal beliefs, social situations or physiological issues—can raise or lower our motivation. Substance use disorders are external factors that drastically alters a person’s equilibrium, making it hard to find the motivation to recover. Co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety can also affect motivation.

Motivational therapy (MT) is a humanistic therapy technique that helps to bridge the gap with techniques that help people cultivate motivation and improve their self-efficacy. In MT, the substance abuse counselor is non-confrontational, collaborative, and goal-oriented. Motivational interviewing (MI) helps clients reflect on themselves, and motivation enhancement therapy (MET) techniques help them overcome any reluctance to drug and alcohol treatment.

How Our Southern California Rehab Uses Motivational Treatment Techniques

At Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Agoura Hills, we use the strategies of motivational interviewing and motivational enhancement therapy to encourage the kind of internal motivation that drives clients to succeed.

Techniques of motivational interviewing include:

  • Active listening with genuine respect for the person’s perspective, being sure to express empathy
  • Asking open-ended questions to encourage clients to express themselves and self-reflect
  • Reflective listening, mirroring what the person says to help them see things from a different angle and gain insight
  • Evoking “change talk,” getting clients to express desires or reasons to change their lives
  • “Rolling with intransigence,” which means remaining non-combative, only exploring a person’s resistance without confronting it
  • Making sure to point out disparities between clients’ behaviors and their values to highlight the need for change
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Techniques used in motivational enhancement therapy include:

  • Expressing empathy and support in a non-judgmental environment
  • Assessing the person’s behavior and providing personalized feedback
  • Helping clients believe in their strength and ability to change
  • Developing a concrete change plan with specific goals and strategies for addressing the addiction and co-occurring conditions
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The Benefits of Motivation Therapy

Motivational counseling strategies yield a variety of benefits in addiction treatment, including:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Better, healthier decision making
  • Motivation to behave in better ways
  • Improved problem solving
  • Empowerment to make changes
  • The ability to avert arguments and instead be assertive
  • Clear connections between aspirations and behaviors
  • Confidence in one’s ability to reach their full potential

Why Choose Del Arroyo Recovery Center for Motivation Therapies and Drug Addiction Treatment

The motivational interviewing and motivational enhancement services at our Los Angeles-area center are extremely effective at fostering motivation in clients and setting them up for success. Our compassionate, experienced team of therapists and staff share a strong commitment to building motivation naturally in a way that lasts. For many people struggling with the negative emotions and thoughts of substance abuse disorders, this can be a pivotal transformation that saves their lives.

Each member of our staff has years of experience in providing motivation therapy for addiction, and our teams continue to stay updated on the latest therapeutic techniques. Strong support and evidence-based care are proven elements of success in recovery.

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Transform Your Life With Motivational Interviewing at Our Agoura Hills Rehab

Whether you’re hoping to get help for a loved one or need encouragement to help you overcome substance use, the motivational therapy techniques at Del Arroyo Recovery Center can help. With custom-tailored addiction treatment plans, a luxurious private rehab facility in Southern California, and an alumni aftercare program, we help clients find the peace and support they need to succeed.

Discover how Motivational Therapy can impact your life in Southern California.

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