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Coping Skills

Quitting a substance is only a small part of recovery. If the underlying triggers aren’t addressed and the substances aren’t replaced with healthy alternatives, it can be incredibly hard to avoid relapse. At our rehab in Agoura Hills, CA, we take a holistic, whole-person approach to treating trauma and addiction. This includes helping every client develop effective coping skills for the best chance of success.

Mastering a strong set of healthy coping skills is important to moving forward from traumatic experiences and achieving lasting, sustainable sobriety. Whether you’re facing a tragic loss, a frustrating workday, or peer pressure from old contacts, being able to cope without drugs and alcohol is critical.

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What Are Coping Skills and Why Are They Important?

As humans facing all kinds of experiences, we naturally develop ways to soothe ourselves and cope with distress. Unfortunately, the coping strategies we develop on our own aren’t always healthy or helpful. Good coping skills are things that a person can do to manage distress safely and positively. Without them, it can be easy to slip back into old thought patterns and substance abuse.

Coping skills are a perfect complement to other evidence-based behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement (ME), and trauma therapy. At Del Arroyo Recovery Center, our specialized experts teach clients real-world skills to resist substances, withstand stress, cope with trauma, and manage conditions like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We personalize every treatment plan and help each person develop the skills they need most. We also strive to create a supportive, nurturing environment where they can heal and practice what they’ve learned.

We Help Individuals Develop a Variety of Coping Skills

In our Los Angeles coping skills training, we teach strategies that people from all walks of life can use to handle all kinds of situations. We use evidence-based practices and real-life scenarios in training to help clients truly understand the skills and how to integrate them into their daily lives.

Mastering good coping skills has real benefits, such as:

  • A greater sense of control
  • Healthier, more fulfilling relationships
  • Relapse prevention
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Better stress management
  • Improved mental health
  • Clarity and peace of mind
  • A sense of independence
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Essential Coping and Life Skills We Teach

Some of the coping skills we teach include:

  • Dealing with problems head-on rather than avoiding them
  • Managing stress and anxiety with breath techniques (deep breathing, box breathing)
  • Channeling energy into a healthy outlet like a hobby or sport
  • Maintaining basic physical wellness
  • Practicing appropriate self-care
  • Building a safe support network and social circle

At Del Arroyo Recovery Center in Los Angeles, CA, we take a well-rounded, humanistic therapy approach that seeks to improve the whole person, not just eliminate the addiction. Each of the skills we teach contributes to overall wellness and makes it easier to make positive long-term changes.

Create a Sober Life and Learn Powerful Coping Skills in Agoura Hills

The first step toward a better future is reaching out for professional help. In our holistic therapy programs, you can break free from addiction and learn new coping patterns for a healthy life. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs or speak to an admissions specialist about how to get started.

Coping Skills in Agoura Hills