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Motivational Enhancement (ME)

One major challenge of quitting drug and alcohol abuse is finding the motivation to change. A therapeutic approach called motivational enhancement (ME) can help people build motivation and show them that they can succeed. It’s a powerful tool that can be used with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to make the person more confident in substance abuse recovery.

How Does Motivational Enhancement Therapy Work?

At Del Arroyo Recovery in Agoura Hills, Southern California, we start with a thorough assessment. We help find the reasons for motivation deficiency (including any co-occurring conditions) and tailor a plan to address them. Motivational enhancement therapy involves several motivational sessions, but it should have quick therapy results, sparking change early on.

Motivational interviewing (MI) takes a supportive, non-confrontational approach that aims to “roll with” resistance. With open-ended questions and good listening skills, the therapist helps figure out why there is a lack of drive. Then, they can talk about how to resolve or manage those issues with new coping strategies. The therapist also helps the person find strengths and build self-efficacy for a more empowered life.

Even if someone has no motivation to quit their substance use, the therapist can work to develop discrepancy. This means finding conflicts between behavior and goals, showing the person that they don’t line up. The further they develop discrepancy, the more internal motivation the person has to fix it.

Motivational enhancement therapy
Motivational Counseling

Motivational Counseling Helps with More Than Lack of Will

The main goal of motivational enhancers is to increase the intrinsic motivation to go through drug addiction and/or alcohol abuse treatment. However, there are other benefits.

Additional goals of motivational enhancement therapy include:

  • Supporting self-efficacy: Part of ME is helping people find their own strengths and see that they can really achieve their goals. More self-efficacy means less relying on other people and substance disorders (drug and alcohol abuse).
  • Addressing gaps in treatment resources: We make our Los Angeles area inpatient programs as thorough as we can, but every situation is different. If there’s a gap between what would be ideal and what is available, a less committed person might show less effort. Someone with strong intrinsic motivation will take full advantage of what’s available, probably with better results.
  • Improving ability to express empathy: in motivational interviewing, the therapist is non-confrontational and shows respect and empathy. Modeling this and discussing other viewpoints can help the person express empathy better in the future.

Motivational enhancement therapy may be used with other therapies, depending on the person’s needs, co-occurring disorders, and mental struggles. At our Southern California facility in Agoura Hills, motivational enhancement is used along with methods like dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, and medication management.

Find the Strength to Overcome Substance Use in Our Agoura Hills Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Even when you know you need to seek treatment for substance abuse, it’s easy to put it off “until you feel ready.” The truth is that readiness doesn’t happen on its own. Even if you’re lacking motivation to end drug or alcohol use right now, you can take action to become ready.

At our Los Angeles area rehab facility, we know how to enhance motivation and help you walk step by step toward the help you deserve. Contact us today to discover how motivational enhancement therapy can help you reach that state of readiness and leave drug and alcohol addiction behind.

Agoura Hills motivational enhancement therapy