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12-Step Therapy

In our Los Angeles addiction therapy programs, we use both individual and group settings to create a well-rounded, comprehensive treatment plan. As social beings, group dynamics are an important part of the human experience. One of the ways we use those dynamics in addiction recovery programming is through 12-step therapy.

All 12-step programs, like the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, are highly structured therapy methods that walk people through specific steps toward sobriety. The experience can drastically transform a person’s view of themselves, their addiction, and their future.

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The Role of 12-Step Programs in Substance Abuse Recovery

Group and 12-step therapy are powerful methods that offer peer feedback, support, social interaction, and solidarity. In drug and alcoholism addiction treatment, all of these things can bolster a person’s self-esteem, motivation, and outlook.

Details of the steps may vary depending on the program, but most programs involve asking a higher power for help to change, taking a personal inventory of one’s faults, admitting to wrongdoing, making amends to others, and practicing abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

A 12-step session typically starts with a reading from program materials, then group members share thoughts, feelings, and experiences from recovery. The participants then offer empathy and support to one another, and there may be a discussion about a certain recovery topic or theme. Sessions often end with a closing statement or prayer, reiterating commitment and hope. Sessions are held in confidence, and participants are expected to respect one another’s privacy.

How We Use 12-Step Therapy at Del Arroyo Recovery Center

At our rehab facility in Agoura Hills, CA, we are committed to providing evidence-based treatment and addiction education in a safe, supportive environment. We take a humanistic, empathetic approach that focuses not just on a person’s addiction and problems, but on their strengths and potential. We also build on the success of 12-step programs by teaching effective communication skills, which can improve clients’ ability to express themselves and further increase their chances of long-term sobriety.

12-Step Therapy at Del Arroyo Recovery Center
Goals of 12-step therapy

The Goals of 12-Step Therapy

In our 12-step meetings, we work toward goals like:

  • Building a natural support community with peers in recovery
  • Increasing confidence and self-sufficiency
  • Giving individuals a sense of control over their lives
  • Fostering sustainable, long-term sobriety
  • Repairing relationships with partners, friends, and family members
  • Practicing being accountable
  • Encouraging self-improvement
  • Increasing empathy and understanding for others

Each of these goals plays a key role in healing and can help individuals combat negative thoughts and avoid depression during drug or alcohol disorder treatment.

This Kind of Addiction Therapy Might Not Suit Everyone

Even though the 12-step program is often seen as the standard for substance abuse treatment centers, they’re not necessarily right for every person. For some, the group structure may just not be a good fit. For others, certain elements may be too triggering. The spiritual part of the program may be undesirable or ineffective for some people, or a step may involve reliving trauma that needs more time to heal.

Whatever the case, we will never put anyone in a compromising position. Before you ever start treatment at Del Arroyo Recovery, we’ll go over all our flexible treatment options and find the methods that work best for your mental, emotional and physical needs.

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Improve your Life One Step at a Time at our Los Angeles, CA Rehab

You don’t have to try to overcome a drug or alcohol disorder on your own. Our Agoura Hills 12-step therapy programs provide a structured group therapy environment where people can find a support system, build self-esteem, improve their communication skills, and regain a sense of control over their lives. Even if you don’t feel confident right now, we can help you find the determination you need to recover through motivational interviewing.

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