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Individualized Addiction Treatment in Newbury Park, CA

At Del Arroyo Recovery Center, we serve clients from all surrounding areas, including neighboring Newbury Park. Our location just a short drive away (typically less than twenty minutes) offers a peaceful retreat that’s easily accessible to Newbury Park, CA residents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

We provide a safe, luxurious environment where Newbury Park residents can focus on healing while still being close to home. Our center’s setting near Newbury Park, CA leverages the natural beauty and quietude of the region while still offering the resources of the city close by.

Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Our Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

At our southern California detox and addiction recovery center, each client receives a personalized program crafted around their specific needs. Our holistic treatment approach combines evidence-based therapies with other methods for a rounded and effective recovery process.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

This program is designed to fight alcohol dependence by addressing both the mental and physical sides of addiction. It combines individual therapy, group sessions, and holistic approaches to lay the groundwork for sobriety.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Focusing on the cessation of various drug dependencies, this program employs a comprehensive strategy that includes behavioral therapy, counseling, and continuous medical monitoring, helping clients dismantle the cycle of substance abuse.

Detox Services

Medical detox is the first step, ensuring clients’ safety and comfort as they begin addiction rehab. This critical phase prepares clients for a deeper therapeutic engagement by cleansing their bodies of drugs or alcohol under medical professional supervision.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our dual diagnosis treatment programs recognize the complicated relationship between substance dependency and co-occurring disorders. We coordinate care to effectively treat both the substance use and mental health conditions.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab provides a structured environment where clients live at our facility throughout their treatment. 24/7 specialist support and luxurious comfort are hallmarks of our residential treatment, creating an immersive addiction recovery experience.

Our treatment center in California does not currently offer any type of outpatient program. If you’re interested in partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient or full outpatient treatment, we can refer you to another treatment center in the Los Angeles County or Orange County, CA areas.

Alcohol addiction treatment
Therapies and methodologies

Therapies and Methodologies

Our therapeutic approaches are diverse, catering to the varied needs of our clients through individualized treatment programs. This includes professionally led individual and group therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Through CBT, clients learn to identify harmful thought patterns and develop healthier cognitive habits that support sobriety and overall mental health.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT helps clients increase their emotional and mental resilience through techniques that promote mindfulness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Trauma Therapy

We offer specialized therapy sessions to help individuals heal from traumatic experiences that may influence or exacerbate addictive behaviors.

Motivational Therapy (MT)

Motivational therapy is designed to enhance personal motivation and encourage active participation in the recovery process, focusing on setting and achieving recovery-oriented goals.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

MI is a technique that resolves ambivalence among clients about entering treatment and supports their commitment to change behaviors for a healthier lifestyle.

Motivational therapy
Wellness recovery action plan

Our Los Angeles Rehab Is Committed to Long-Term Success

We take a proactive approach to relapse prevention, ensuring lasting recovery.

Relapse Prevention

We arm our clients with strategies for recognizing and coping with triggers that could lead to drug or alcohol abuse. We also have an alumni program that offers ongoing support and group meetings after rehab.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

Every client develops their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan, which outlines support mechanisms and coping strategies for clients after they leave our facility.

Get Customized Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Los Angeles, California

Del Arroyo Recovery Center near Newbury Park, CA, is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our blend of therapeutic interventions, life skills education and post-rehab aftercare are designed to support every step of the recovery process. Reach out today to see how our southern California treatment facility can help you start your recovery.

Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse

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