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Aftercare Support Programs in Agoura Hills, CA

Substance abuse treatment is only the first step in your addiction recovery journey.

Medically assisted detox clears your body of drugs and alcohol and eases withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient treatment helps you develop the tools and skills you need to stay sober.

But most people need ongoing support after addiction treatment. Staying sober after treatment and preventing a relapse requires planning and forethought. This is where aftercare programs come in.

The treatment team at Del Arroyo Recovery Center prioritizes aftercare and relapse prevention as a core part of our addiction treatment programs. We know how powerful it is to have a community of sober peers to rely on—in good times and bad.

Our behavioral health team provides discharge planning services and will connect you to aftercare support programs.

Support doesn’t end when you leave our Agoura Hills rehab center. The Del Arroyo team is committed to helping you maintain sobriety after treatment.

Aftercare programs

What Are Aftercare Programs?

Life after treatment can be challenging, and addiction can have far-reaching consequences—from job loss to legal troubles. Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty can be serious triggers, putting you at risk of relapse.

Aftercare programs can provide resources to help you navigate life’s challenges after you’ve completed a treatment program. These may include:

  • Ongoing therapy or counseling
  • Legal advice and support
  • Substance monitoring
  • Career counseling
  • Academic support
  • Financial planning

Aftercare is especially important for those who don’t have a strong support system in place, such as supportive family members and sober friends. A quality aftercare program will help you build a network of sober peers in recovery, which can be life-changing.

Research shows that people who get involved in aftercare programs experience lower rates of relapse than those who don’t receive community support after treatment.

Del Arroyo’s Thriving Alumni Community

Substance use disorders have similar relapse rates to other chronic illnesses. That’s why it’s so important to have ongoing support after treatment for drug addiction.

Del Arroyo’s aftercare programs are designed to help you navigate this delicate period of initial sobriety after you complete a treatment program.

We know the power of peer-to-peer support. Clients in our addiction treatment programs are connected to experienced therapists for ongoing mental health care, and become part of our thriving alumni community.

Del Arroyo’s alumni program is made up of peers in recovery who have completed a program at our drug rehab center.

Staying involved, active, and connected to others who are also on the path to recovery is empowering. It’s also the best way to prevent relapse. Your sober peers can support you, keep you on track, and inspire you to achieve your goals.

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If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, the team at Del Arroyo is ready to help. Our luxury drug abuse treatment center in Agoura Hills is conveniently located for individuals in Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA. 

Del Arroyo uses evidence-based medicine in combination with restorative holistic activities and behavioral therapies to create an immersive experience for our clients. Our team will tailor a behavioral health program to your individual needs.

Our mission is to empower you with the tools, skills, and resources you need for long-term recovery.

Get in touch with our helpful team to learn more about addiction treatment at Del Arroyo and our aftercare support programs.

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