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Why the Road to Recovery Needs to Include Therapy

Therapy in addiction treatment

Addiction treatment focuses on stopping the misuse of drugs or alcohol. However, without therapy, a vital piece of the treatment process is missing. Today, we’ll explain why, no matter what your road to recovery looks like, therapy should always be included

The Benefits of Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Addiction not only affects the physical body; it also impacts the mental and emotional bodies. Therapy allows all of these to receive the healing that’s needed, along with a multitude of other benefits.

Relapse Prevention Through Emotional Management

Detox removes addictive substances from your body, but after this stage you will experience a wide range of difficult emotions. Individual therapy provides a safe space from which to identify, understand, and manage emotions in healthy ways that support your recovery and prevent relapse.

Therapy Helps Families Too

Being in recovery means understanding that family members, spouses, and friends have also been affected by addiction. Family therapy allows your loved ones to better understand your addiction and their own emotion related to your struggle. It also affords you the opportunity to participate in therapy with your family and repair those relationships.

Builds Your Support System

Going through recovery can mean often feeling isolated and alone.Therapy reminds you that you are not by yourself in your recovery journey. Group therapy allows those in recovery to share their stories and work through challenges together. It also helps you connect with others and build a support system that you can rely on long after your rehab has ended.

A Deeper Understanding of the Self

Therapy allows you to learn more about yourself and your behaviors and thought patterns. In being able to understand yourself better, you can learn which coping skills work best.

Different Types of Therapy

Group therapy

Along with individual, family and group therapy, addiction treatment also includes the administration of other therapies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)is talk therapy that helps you become more resilient by challenging your negative beliefs and thoughts.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps you develop mindfulness, regulate emotions, and learn and implement healthy coping mechanisms.

Hypnotherapy helps you address your negative habits and beliefs and make lasting change through a trance-like state, which makes the process easier.

12-Step therapy offers structured steps through which you progress to achieve sobriety.

Art and music therapy provides a positive outlet for relieving stress and expressing yourself as you interact with others.

Humanistic therapyplaces the focus on your positive traits and characteristics, allowing you to find the motivation that will drive your recovery.

Trauma therapy helps you work through the emotional wounds and distress of past trauma you may have experienced, and which is often at the root of addiction.

Motivational therapy includes motivational enhancement and motivational interviewing techniques to support a new and healthy life in recovery.

Find Lasting Recovery with Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment

Treating addiction without therapy cannot result in recovery from substance use disorders. The many types of available options for therapy underscore its importance in the treatment and recovery process.

The experienced and compassionate professionals at Del Arroyo Recovery Center administer holistic, evidence-based and effective treatments and therapies that address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction.

Program participants receive treatment in a peaceful setting that offers many amenities, including easy access to outdoor recreation, fitness equipment, chef-prepared meals, and luxury accommodations.

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, you can take back your life; discover how Del Arroyo Recovery Center can help you begin your journey of recovery with treatment plans, inpatient treatment, and other drug addiction treatment options; call today: (877) 535-0636.

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